Mum and Dad Owl 

The parents of Little Bro' and Harley. They lived in a tree house far away from the garden but when their tree was chopped down they flew away into the garden world to find a new home. 
Favourite food 
Anything Little Bro' and Harley like. 

Rosie the Caretaker 

Rosie looks after everything in the garden, caring for all the trees, flowers and plants. She is always with her faithful dog and best friend Bailey who loves to help out too. 
Favourite food 
Salads and everything she grows in the garden. 

MT Mole 

We all need someone in our lives to support and care for us, MT Mole is just that. He won't admit to it but he is the eldest in the garden world. He is the one all the characters turn to when they need help and support. 
Favourite food 
Green leaves 

PC Badger 

The gardens very own police constable. Calm, never fusses, takes his time and keeps everyone safe from harm. 
Favourite food 

Parrot B 

Quite the most colourful of all the characters. She moved to the garden world from her home far, far away. She loves music and particularly dancing to it! Salsa, Samba, Tango, Disco, she loves them all. 
Favourite food 
Pineapples, Nuts and Fruit 


There is always a bad guy, and yes the garden world has it's very own in the shape of FALCON! 
He has a small gang of helpers in his quest to disrupt the garden life. They never  mean to harm anyone of course, they just feel that no-one likes them so they try to get more attention. 
Favourite food 
All the bad stuff :) 

Rat A 

Falcon's side kick. Scruffy, smelly, loves to sneak around the garden. He thinks Falcon is his only friend but would like others to like him and be his friends too. 
Favourite food 
All the left overs and waste in the garden. 


Another of Falcon's little gang of helpers. Very mischievious, and scurries around very fast on his eight legs! 
Favourite food 

Ladybird Tall 

Parrot B's best friend. Very clean, neat and tidy. Loves looking after her little house at the top of a very tall sunflower ( hence her name ) 
Favourite food 
Sweet things 

Beaver C 

Beaver C is a young teenager. She became very ill as a youngster and as a result of that she lost the use of her legs. She is very caring and loving and appreciates everything she has in her life. She just gets on with it and joins in with everyone in the garden. 
Favourite food 
Wooden chips! 
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