Bunny Wonder 

A magical and wonderful,  cuddly,  large white bunny rabbit.  Lives far away from the garden in his underground warren. He was born blind and uses his powerful white stick to find his way around. Bunny has a mysterious gift of being able to see things in his mind and he is very musical. 
Favourite food 
Carrots and lettuce 

Queen Bee 

Is the real Queen of the garden. She helps Rosie take care of the flowers and plants. She is also the garden nurse and uses honey in her medicines. ( based on my good friend Emily Faircloth ) 
Favourite food 

Marie Otter 

Marie Otter - Lives at the side of the pond where she spends all day paddling around and playing with the Frog family. She is very fast on the water. 
Favourite food 

Fia the Fox 

Fia is very fit and very sporty and can run very fast. She loves dancing and playing with her best friend Lottie the Duck. ( Character created by Sofia Gonzalez-Hines aged 8 ) 
Favourite food 
Scraps from the garden 

Lottie the Duck 

Lottie the Duck - Lottie is a beautiful golden coloured duckling who loves to dress up and show off her wonderful feathers. She loves paddling around and splashing about on the pond.  She is best friends with Fia the Fox. ( Lottie was drawn and created by 8 year old Charlotte Faircloth) 
Favourite food 
Anything Rosie gives her. 

Frog Family 

Frog Family -  Mr. and Mrs. Frog live among the lily pads on the pond. They have five froglets A, B, C, D and E . . . five more froglets F, G, H, I and J are due very soon.  
Favourite food 
Pond water 
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